Rigid Electronics Paper Packaging Boxes

The box is made of high-quality black paper with 1000g greyboard paper. Sponge holder inside for better protection of electronic products.

Quick Features:

  • Dimensions: Customized
  • Printed black paper
  • 1000g grey paperboard
  • PMS printing with matt lamination
  • Spote UV on surface finishing
  • Strong magnets closure
  • MOQ: 500 boxes
Product Description

Printing Electronics Rigid Paper Packaging Boxes from factory

  • Size: Customized
  • Colors & Printing: PMS printing
  • Exterior Material: High-quality C1S art paper
  • Body Frame: 1000g grey paperboard
  • Interior Material: Same as exterior
  • Logo Print: Spote UV or Hot Stamping
  • Accessories: Sponge and strong megnets
  • OEM & ODM Orders are acceptable
  • Range of Application: Electronic products packaging

Electronics Rigid Paper Box-4

Electronic Rigid Paper Box-4

Electronics Rigid Paper Box-3

Electronic Rigid Paper Box-3

Electronics Rigid Paper Box-2

Electronic Rigid Paper Box-2

Electronics Rigid Paper Box-1

Electronic Rigid Paper Box-1

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