Luxury Paper Drawer Nail Polish Gift Box

Luxury Paper Drawer Nail Polish Gift Packaging Box, fashionable and exquisite design laminated paper + MDF. Interior and bottom are made of soft suede fabric

Quick Features:

  • MDF body frame
  • Art paper exterior
  • Gloss lamiantion outside
  • Suede fabric interior
  • Gold Metal locked
  • Portable smart button for Accessories
  • Die-cut EVA for nail polish holder
  • MOQ: 1000pcs

Product Description

Luxury Paper Drawer Nail Polish Gift Packaging Box

  • Size: 260x220x106 mm
  • Colors & Printing: No
  • Exterior Material: 157g C1S art paper
  • Body Frame: MDF body
  • Interior Material: Soft Suede Fabric
  • Gloss lamination on paper outside
  • Gold metal locked
  • Gold portable button accessories for drawer open
  • Quality EVA with die-cut for inside holder
  • OEM & ODM Orders are acceptable

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