Fodable Collapsible Paper Boxes Factory Supplier Wholesaler

Tenda Pack produces collapsible paper boxes in various dimensions and different characteristics based on your needs. The rigid paper boxes can be made with printed paper, leatherette paper or even fabrics and many kinds of surface treatment to meet all your packaging needs.

Quick Features:

  • Gold or Silver Foil metallic paper
  • Corocdile pattern embossing
  • Customized size and color
  • Strong chipboard for large capacity
  • Foldable design for flat shipping

Product Description

Strong Fodable Collapsible Paper Boxes Factory Supplier Wholesaler Manufacturer

  • Dimensions could be customized
  • Colors & Printing: CMYK Printing
  • Material: Printed art paper, Leatherette Paper; Metallic Paper or other specialty paper.
  • 1000-1800G High density rigid paperboard to make the boxes.
  • Logo Print:Hot stamping ; Embossing; UV Spot
  • Accessories: Ribbons; Magnetic closure
  • MOQ 1,000 Boxes
  • Each boxes with poly bags to provent from scratch.
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