Fancy Textured Leatherette Watch Boxes

Fancy Textured Leatherette Watch Boxes, strong plastic body frame, leatherette paper covered outside, pu leather lining with watch cushion inside .

Quick Features:

  • Constructed with plastic frame
  • Covered by textured leatherette paper
  • Pu leather lining
  • Pu leather watch cushion
  • Hot-stamping on logo
  • MOQ: 1000pcs

Product Description

Fancy Textured Leatherette Watch Boxes

  • Size: 135x135x83 mm
  • Colors & Printing: Black
  • Exterior Material: Textured leatherette paper
  • Body Frame: Plastic body
  • Interior Material: White PU leather lining
  • White Pu leather watch cushion inside
  • Hot-stamping on logo
  • OEM & ODM Orders are acceptable

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