Rigid Cardboard Paper Tube Company Manufacturer

Rigid Cardboard Paper Tube Company Manufacturer

Quick Features:

  • Colorful offset printing
  • Wrapped by art paper
  • White paper tube body
  • Gloss varnishing on surface
  • Rolled edge on top and bottom
  • MOQ: 1000pcs

Product Description

Rigid Cardboard Paper Tube Boxes Company Manufacturer

  • Size: Customized
  • CMYK printing
  • 157g artpaper covered
  • 1.3mm white paper tube body
  • 100% recycled paperboard
  • Gloss varnishing on surface finishing
  • Smooth rolled edge on top and bottom
  • OEM & ODM Orders are acceptable
  • The box can be used in gift, cosmetics, perfume, T-sthirt, underpants…

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